35 Most Popular Posts of 2014

I'm upping it from last year's 27 to a whopping thirty-five, because that's how many birfdays I celebrated this year (and I'm a big fan of arbitrary synchronicities).

Starting with the Oldest...
  1. We're Incompatible, Darling... Will You Marry Me?
  2. weaker sex (or: victorious, she)
  3. Screenwriting Highballer
  4. it's easier to be naked with you when I've been working out
  5. Mr. Barkey (sort of) Wins Some Screenwriting Contests!!!
  6. Guess I'll Go Eat Worms
  7. Why the Christian Church is Not a Safe Place for an Artist:
  8. rejection (a.k.a. -- i suck)
  9. Cigarettes & the Female Body (most of all, you've got to hide it from the kids)
  10. holding children hostage
  11. when I put SEX in the title, more people read my posts...
  12. on finishing David Foster Wallace's INFINITE JEST
  13. sharing lies on facebook
  14. the testicle story
  15. Song of Words: on writing rhythmically
  16. lying to girls
  17. 15 Reasons Why "The Princess Bride" is the Most Overrated Movie Ever Made
  18. christian erotica
  19. why i don't care about israel (but also kinda do)
  20. Robin Williams and Me
  21. Kentucky, Part One: Old Friends
  22. Kentucky, Part Two: An Afternoon with Wendell Berry
  23. thoughts on CALVARY (a film review)
  24. IMMORTAL ORIGINS: "A Man You Can Count On"
  25. Entering the Phantom Zone
  26. one world awesome
  27. Austin Film Fest Second Second Rounder
  28. please tear me apart
  29. on being a nobody
  30. make it a love story
  31. a humongous fungus
  32. turtle pancake
  33. leonard returns
  34. Russell Brand: Modern-Day Prophet
  35. "JAYCE" now available on Amazon!


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