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today's prompt: Purity of Purpose

King David: Murderer; Rapist; Man After God's Own Heart

today's prompt: Prisoner

the girl. the big death. the chillax.

seven seconds of clickage to win!

call me... MISTER Artistman!

today's prompt: Find Me

today's prompt: The Thaw

my short history

today's prompt: Facing the Beast

on encountering a poet in the spring

Zen and the Art of Relationship-Maintenance

today's prompt: Lost You

31 Nights

monday picturation (not to be confused with Monday Micturation, which also happened)

i wish i was special

an interesting, self-referencing quote from a blog I follow:

to love, not to be loved, is the key

it's a big, fat, crazy picture of New York

impressions of New York, written on notecards during a few hours spent wandering MoMA