I’ve been a Nicholl finalist, a Page finalist and two-time winner, and have placed relatively highly in basically all the other major contests. One of my scripts also got me selected for a Sundance Intensive. Because of the Sundance thing I connected with Daniel Kwan (yes, THAT Daniel), who read an early draft of BEST. APOCALYPSE. EVER. and claimed to like it. So last year when the Daniels won all the Oscars, I thought, hmmm. Maybe there IS something to this thing. 

I rewrote it, and lo and behold... it just made the finalist round in the Page.

Previously, I’ve had seven shorts and a feature produced. The feature (PINK) is available on streaming, and one of my shorts (ABDUCTED) played Tribeca in 2021.

I’m currently a few drafts in on a dramedy feature with the director of ABDUCTED, about a weekend when  everything blew up for his prominent family of progressive millennials and their prominent Trumper, Civil-War espousing evangelical preacher father (the New York Times did a profile on their family, and Time magazine wrote about their father’s craziness at least once).

Additionally, a Turkish producer I know commissioned an animated proof-of-concept for my extravagant Outer Space script, LEECH, and is currently using that short to rustle up investors for an animated feature. He seems optimistic.

I have a first draft on a new high concept Tooth Fairy thing that’s sort of a kissing cousin to the holiday classic, RARE EXPORTS (watch it if you haven’t – seriously), and JUST hit on another high concept thing that wild horses equipped with horse torture devices couldn’t get me to talk about.

I also have a dark-Southern-gothic-crime-thriller-pilot, and I think it (and all my recent stuff, actually) is at least as good as the script that got me some buzz a few years back (MARLENE THE DIVINE), when I was briefly repped at Bellevue. 

The Bellevue thing didn't work out, though, and I spent a few years writing novels and rustling up paid commissions on my own. With my new work, I’m eager to get out there and make some new industry friends. 

Who wants to chat?

- - -

A LINK TO MY COVERFLY PROFILE, where you can find out more about some of my favorite (thus far) unproduced screenplays. 


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