HERE'S A LINK TO MY COVERFLY PROFILE, where you can find out more about some of my favorite (thus far) unproduced screenplays. And here are the Cliffs Notes on a few of them:


  • Finalist for the Nicholl Fellowship (run by the Oscar's people), won the Page for Comedy, was a semifinalist at AFF, got me selected for a Sundance thingy, put me on MovieMaker Magazine's list of "25 Screenwriters to Watch" in 2017, and was the top comedy script on Coverfly in 2020. 
  • LOGLINE: When a woman claiming to be God Almighty knocks a grieving widower out and drags him on a cross country road trip, it’ll take everything he’s got to consummate his plans for bloody revenge. 
  • Curious? You can (may) read the first few pages HERE.

LEECH (SciFi, thriller)

  • Sci-fi winner in the Page contest. 
  • LOGLINE: When a deadly extra terrestrial latches onto a decrepit space station in orbit over the earth, only a homesick botanist and his estranged lover stand between it and the unsuspecting planet below.
  • First few pages HERE.

GINSENG (drama, thriller)

  • Finalist in the Nashville Film Festival Screenplay Competition. 
  • LOGLINE: An alcoholic veteran angers territorial locals when he drags his estranged son on a camping trip into the Appalachians and takes a detour to illegally dig some of "their" wild ginseng.
  • First pages HERE.


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