Wednesday, August 26, 2015

oops, i did it again

Well now then.

The twitchiness was back upon me, so I've gone and typed "FADE IN" on a brand-spankin-new screenplay. Pretty stoked about this storyit's already a bit chiroptera-feces crazy at the outline stageand the first few pages just FLEW outta my fingers. Wish me luck, internet. To the fray!

Monday, August 17, 2015

LAND OF THE WHAT? timely words from long-departed American prophet Frederick Douglass

The following is the Appendix to an autobiography by renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass, and aptly presages some of my feelings about much of the American so-called "church," today. 

Setting aside the lingering implicit (and sometimes explicit racism) that still runs as a subcurrent through the culture of much of the southern church, I think Douglass' sentiments can be said to be reflective of much of the church's position on everything from gay rights, to the environment, to economics, to the poor, to gender issues, to the penal system. 


- - -

Saturday, August 15, 2015

vengeance is mine, saith the pen-monkey

To pursue a career as a writer is to walk again and again, face-first, into the swinging fist of rejection.

Like for example the North Carolina Arts Council grant-proposal rejection I got last week. Or the Sundance Screenwriter's Lab rejection I got yesterday. Or my GINSENG script that I just found out didn't advance past the quarterfinals of the Page International Screenwriting Competition (one of the larger contests). 

Let's not talk about all that, though.

Let's talk about how another script of mine, COITUS, did advance in that competition, and is now a semifinalist. Or no... let's talk about how a lot of my reason for wanting COITUS to go on and win the Page contest is mostly just for vengeance against my dear friend and nemesis, Austin-the-Director.

Friday, August 14, 2015

People Places Things

I watched this movie at the Nashville Film Festival and found it funny and painful and moving and true. Pretty sure any divorced parent will resonate with it, at least a little. Enjoy.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

a pool full of Jesus

The other day I was hiding in the shade at the local public swimming pool and watching some kids (but not in a creepy way I swear because I was getting paid to do it).

I'd been there long enough to sketch one of the poolside chairs, when a trio of we'll call them "Church Ladies" showed up, changed into their shorts-and-onesie combos, grabbed a foam noodle each, and gallumphed their way into the water.

At the time, the kids were playing this complicated game called "Categories" that required them all to swim from side to side across the deep end every couple of minutes. This annoyed the Church Ladies (who wanted the deep end to themselves), so they spent the next hour and a half grumping just over their breaths and plotting to maybe kick the kids out of pool because obviously they weren't over eighteen and the pool rules clearly stated that they needed to have someone over eighteen and on and on and onwhich I guess I expected, because the week before when just two of them'd come they had whined a bit as well, and had insisted on enforcing some arcane rule out of the long list of commandments posted by the gate.

I ignored them because who cares, and because it was more fun to just sit there and sneakily draw them, not as they thought themselves to be (righteous crusaders suffering a series of grave injustices at the hands of miniature terrorists), but as they appeared to all else present (self-righteous, Holy War gallumphers).

Monday, August 10, 2015

it's just one day, man

As everyone knows, getting married is an insane thing to do.

Wait. No. Check that...

As every sane person knows, getting married is an insane thing to do. There exist, of course, quite a few certifiable nut-jobs who've been steeped enough in rom-comology and Disney princess-storification to believe in the idiocy of "happily ever after" and "the one" and "you just know."

Crazy, amiright?

Sane people know that people change and situations change and returns diminish. There are only so many Redbook Magazine articles you can read in the dentist's office about spicing up your sex life, amiright? And marriage is all about a spicy sex life, amiright?

Of course I'm rightI have a blog.

Friday, August 7, 2015

holy the diaper

Yesterday I changed a diaper, but it wasn't until later in the evening that I realized I'd enjoyed it.

As a thoroughly modern father, I've changed my share of diaperseven some explosively-filled onesbut I think the day-to-dayness of all that removing and wiping and replacing kept me from ever realizing that I took pleasure in doing it. Not in the fecal matter or the ammonia-smell, but in the simple beauty of doing something for someone who is unable to do it for himself.

I love that my son has grown past the defecating-himself stage, but it's great to be reminded that while there may not be any human acts that are absolutely pure, there are still plenty that are holy.

FLAUNT MAGAZINE: DANE DeHAAN from Austin Rhodes on Vimeo.

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