one world awesome

All time-crunching aside, I couldn't stop myself from sharing with you this fantastic bit of information that showed up in my junk email this morning from something called the Illuminati Project, with the subject line, "2016 - Obama's New World Order."

- - -

This subject matter is one of the biggest controversies of recent times. 

Was the choosing of Barack Obama as president of the United States, a monumental historic occasion, or a camouflaged attempt, to turn the United States over to the control of a one world government led by specific royal houses of Europe? Did you know that since coming to power, Barack Obama has signed into existence some of the most extensive and controversial bills and initiatives in American history including

 1. Giving medical research the ability to conduct experiments which involvement the development of human/animal chimera's

 2.  Plans to set up a global internet content approval regulator 
 3.  Plans to allows United Nation law to supersede congress

An intense insider report and 1 hour video documentary on Obama's New World Order and its connection with the royal houses of Europe.

- - -

Me, I'm a massive fan of this sort of comic writing, and delighted that the grammatically-challenged of the world are still finding ways to amuse themselves.

It's great that people can enjoy this stuff without ever taking it seriously, or using it to spread fear throughout the masses and oh-dear-Lordy, we're-DOOMED.


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