When a woman with mysterious powers knocks out a grieving widower with her purse and drags him on a cross country road trip, it’ll take everything he’s got to complete his bumbling plans for revenge.

This novel (my latest) will be back on My Amazon Account soon.

This comic tale of love, loss, and humanity's most frustrating deity expands the world of Josh Barkey's Marlene the Divine screenplay, which has been shortlisted for the Academy of Motion Pictures' prestigious Nicholl Fellowship, was a Sundance Institute official selection, and is practically guaranteed to annoy your favorite hyperconservative relative.

IMMORTALITY (and other short stories)

I took my first serious stab at fiction back in 2010 at the behest of Ray Bradbury, who, during a talk at Point Loma University in 2001, insisted that if you produce a short story a week for a year then there's basically no way you'll write fifty two bad ones. I gave it a shot, picked my favorites, and launched my first book into the Bezos-enriching aether.


Next came a YA novel that tells the story of a teenage genius who hijacks an untested time machine into a future where his is the most hated name in history. It's a fun little Luddite romp through a dystopian landscape, all packaged up in this amazing cover, designed for me by the inestimable Kai Kazuto.


In my sophomore novel, a pair of hyper-competitive brothers venture into the wilderness of northern Canada for what the BBC has called one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Drawing on the decade of summers I spent in the world of industrial reforestation, it's a visceral tale of love, loss, and millions of hand-planted trees. In addition to ebook and paperback, POUNDERS is also available as an audiobook, read by yours truly.


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