27 Most Popular Posts of 2013

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How the Pope Got Me Fired

Josh Barkey's Sick and Twisted Winning Contest Entry

In Defense of Arnofsky's Noah (and stories in general)

i am you and you are me and we are kind of jerks

To the Dude Who Jacked My Car (part two)

To the Guys Who Jacked My Car Last Night...

Steven Furtick is an Ass: In Defense of Making Fun of Furtick

Elevate Yourself: In Defense of Steven Furtick

How to Plant Six Thousand Trees a Day

10 How to Find Your Soul-Mate (hint: look in the bathroom)

11 Christian Nudists

12 Why I Do Not Want to Win a Nicholl Fellowship

13 Hoping for Sex

14 Experiencing the Glen, 2013

15 Josh Barkey: Nicholl Fellowship Quarter-Finalist

16 on swearing in front of my five-year-old

17 Dustin Hoffman's Tears: On a Culture of Rape and Medication

18 Reinforced Values

19 Homophobic, Gay-Hating Unicorns

20 in a fit of nostalgia...

21 They Don't Really Love You

22 A life without regrets is hardly worth living.

23 All good stories are Love stories.

24 Is the Christian God a Psychopath?


26 good guys with guns

27 the raven in the tub


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