The first screenplay I ever wrote was filmed shortly thereafter and I thought, Dang - that was easy! Sure, FORK had its issues. But the formula was simple: Josh writes a screenplay, then somebody turns that screenplay into a movie. Although reality has repeatedly checked my naïveté since then, here are some of the other projects I've written (or in one case, co-written) that have been produced:

  • PINK, my first produced feature, tells the story of a tormented artist under house arrest who has just three days left in his tracking anklet when a friend stashes a toddler's backpack full of stolen drugs in his home. It has been released and is available on Amazon, on DirectTV, on Google Play, and on iTunes.

  • Ben and I had met when he worked as Best Boy on FORK, and we reconnected when he Directed Photography on my short film LOCKER 212, which was directed by the gifted Matthew Nunn and starred, among others, legendary character actor Nick Searcy.

LOCKER 212 from Matt Nunn on Vimeo.

  • After LOCKER 212 was finished, Ben contacted me about collaborating. He was finishing up film school at the time, and asked to shoot my TWO FOR TEA short script as his senior thesis. 

  • Also working on both LOCKER 212 and TWO FOR TEA was filmmaker Jacob Kirby, who sought me out for writing help with his short film, AT EASE. Jacob and I hit it off, and he ended up coming on as First AD on my feature, PINK. One big happy family, right? 

At Ease from Jacob Kirby on Vimeo.

  • Another guy who'd helped out on LOCKER 212 was Jared Freeman. In addition to being a fantastic cinematographer, Jared is an all around lovely person, so when I mentioned my plan to make a zero budget short film with my son and my mom, Jared swung by for a weekend with a high-end camera, and GNOMES (which we co-directed) was born. We submitted it to exactly one festival and it played exactly one festival, so... one hundred percent success!

Gnomes from Jared on Vimeo.

I've worked on quite a few other projects over the past few years, as well. 

Some have been produced, mostly not. That's film for you, though: an insanely expensive, almost impossible art form to pull off.

When it works, though, it's totally worth it. 


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