Austin Film Fest Second Second Rounder

I know I've only ever told you when I've had some sort of positive outcome from the screenwriting competitions I've entered this year, but hey... you think I'm gonna tell you about my failures? About the scripts that were dismissed without a second glance? About how I wept openly in front of my woman-friend when I decided the book I'd been writing sucked and I was going to have to toss it into the round filing cabinet for good? No. Of course not.

This is the internet. This is about crowing.

So guess what? Today I got another letter from the Austin Film Festival, this time telling me that PINK had made it to the second round, just like ONLY THE GOOD. And I got another note from the director of the contest, saying "Blah-blah-blah, we liked your script, etc. etc. And so forth"

This sounds cool, I guess... if you don't think too hard about how "top fifteen percent" really means "top thousand scripts," and does diddly-squat for your career. Still. Better'n a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


If you'd like to see my name a couple times in a very long list of names, click HERE.


  1. Congrats! When you hear if you made the third round?

    1. That's as far as either of them got, Mark. 'S all right, though. An honor to be named.


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