I grew up barefoot and wild on a mission center in the Amazon basin of Peru, catching and eating piranhas before they could catch and eat me. 

Then I paid for an English degree by hand-planting half a MILLION(ish) baby trees in Canadian dirt. 

Now I live in a shed in North Carolina, where I write screenplays and novels, paint, and even dabble in music-making. So far in my life I've made or helped to make:
  • A feature-length comedy film, PINK, which is available on Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.
  • 7 short films, like TWO FOR TEA and the 2020 Tribeca Official Selection, ABDUCTED;
  • Award winning screenplays like MARLENE THE DIVINE, which won the Page for comedy, was shortlisted for the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship, and was selected for a Sundance thingy;
  • BOOKS - including a short story collection, three novels, and a collection of visual art;
  • MUSIC (hey, a fella needs a hobby), some of which can be found on bandcamp and youtube.
Got a project I can help you with?

Email me at jlbarkey at hotmail dot com, with something unique like "Earn Over Ten Grand a Month Working From Home!!!" in the subject line, so I'll know it's not spam. Thanks!

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