Christian Nudists

So, apparently a thing just happened called "Topless Day," where women (and men) went topless to celebrate... breasts? Right-to-nipples?

I don't know. Nor do I much care. 

Here's A LINK that'll tell you more, if you're dying to see the pixelated nipples of two women who bucked the trend in New York, took their shirts off, and made it onto the internet. Because nothing's worth talking about like four exposed breasts out of eight million(ish) covered ones.

I'm only bringing this up because I've been seeing links to the "event" on Facebook, with attending sniggering comments from men on how fantastic an idea they think this is.

Which is ridiculous.

They're just breasts, after all, and the sexualization of breasts is fully a cultural construct -- part of a weird set of constantly-evolving conventions.

As lovely as I personally do find the female human form, I also know that sexuality is only a small part of what that form is. Breasts are primarily for milk, after all -- to feed babies (Remember babies?) -- any Amazonian tribal woman (or man) can tell you that. Make toplessness the norm, and we'll be taking a step away from the hyper-sexualization of women's bodies that predicates our national sex-obsession and discourages healthy, mutually-respectful sexual relationships.

So while some women may be taking their tops off as a way of angrily saying "screw you" to conventional morality, and while some men may cheer this on in order to expose how entirely sex-obsessed they (we) are... I for one think it's a swell idea, that could maybe help re-wire me and my male brethren away from all this silliness.

I had a friend once who insisted he was a Christian nudist, and that anyone with any sense of decency would be, as well.

I say we join him. In fact, I'm taking my shirt off right now, exposing my spindly arms and sporadic chest-hair.

Do try not to swoon.


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