my short history

Last night marked the first of hopefully many premiers for me, as the short I wrote and co-produced, FORK, made its big-screen debut at the Charlotte Film Festival. Also playing was UNEMPLOYMENT, a short film for which I was an "associate producer" (whatever that means). Against my advice and better judgement (which is awesome), several of my students were in attendance, as well as my parents and some random, attractive other people with exceptional cinematic taste.

After FORK and a bunch of other interesting-slash-awesome shorts played, I got dragged down to the front with Austin the Director for a little Q & A, and I think managed to acquit myself moderately well. Which is to say, I think they were mostly laughing with me.

Oh, and yeah... I did, in fact, sign my first autograph. So excuse me, whilst I go clear a space on the mantel for that little golden statuette (insert facetiousness font, here).


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