31 Nights

At the Art Teacher's conference I attended in New York a couple weeks ago, I attended a session run by a guy named Michael Bell - portrait painter to the mob - and he spoke about a project he's done with his photography students called 31 Nights, in which they were required to take a self portrait every night for thirty-one nights, interpreting a prompt given by the teacher.

Yesterday, I started 31 Nights with my photography class, and in the interest of solidarity, am doing it with them. The students have done some phenomenal work, but here are my first (inferior) two, for your perusing pleasure:

The Portal

The Beast


  1. Love that you tried this and hope it helped unlock some exciting creative processes!

    1. All-hail to you, Sir! It was a fabulous, inspiring idea. Here's the FB album of what my students came up with. I think it's public - let me know if you can't view it: https://www.facebook.com/josh.barkey/media_set?set=a.10150600859777547.379313.525337546&type=3


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