Music at a Distance

When the pandemic began I had just started playing open mics with some friends, and I absolutely loved it. That's not to say I was particularly great at itmostly I was a nervous wreck up there on that stagebut I loved the immediate feedback and I loved the feeling of the song swelling up underneath me, a wave of emotion threatening at every moment to take me and everybody in the (small) audience off to another, better place. 

Then came covid, and caution, and eventually a grasping-for-sanity deep-dive into songwriting.

When I first conceived of my song-a-week-for-a-year project, I decided that: 

  • A. I would start writing well before I started posting to my Youtube channel, to prove to myself that I could manage a song-a-week pace, and... 
  • B. I would email the songs to a bunch of my musician friends as I wrote them. This was for accountability, for their amusement, and just in case any of them wanted to do me the incredible solid of joining me in my musical sandbox. 

The first person to take me up on the latter was my buddy Chris Gervais. He took my super-basic song, "A Man Without a Name," and fleshed it out with serious musical panache. This week I was thrilled to be able to post the result. 

Chris is a stellar human being and, as you'll see in the video, a multi-talented musician as well. 

Thanks, Chris!


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