My first EP is now on Bandcamp!

About a year and a half ago I was in my buddy Joe's recording studio, laying down tracks for a Bob Dylan parody song I'd written about a dead raccoon. I made some comment about it being a silly song and me not being a "real musician" like Joe (who scored my first feature film, and has been nominated for an Emmy for his work, for cripes sake), and Joe basically said, "Let me stop you right there. You're writing songs, you're a musician, period. End of story."

I went home.

I thought about it.

Like every other art form I've ever attempted, I thought of music as a magical power possessed only by those who'd taken possession of some magical artifact they found in some mysterious cave. 

But Joe, who is most definitely a real musician, was telling me my idea was bunkum.

I wrote a fully original song. I played it for Joe. He liked it. I kept writing. 

Last Sunday I went back into Joe's studio, turned on Facebook Live, and recorded my very first EP, "under our own piece of sky." And now, five days later, it's on bandcamp - with an original cover designed and executed by the illimitable James Alfred Friesen, who had suggested the album title (which was then chosen by audience poll in a FB livestream the week before).

I'm beyond flabbergasted at the support that Joe, James, and so many friends have given me with this project. My hope/dream/fantasy is that enough people will dig the vibe that I'll one day be able to gather the resources (and my various genius-level musician friends) for a full, studio album.

Thanks for checking out "under our own piece of sky," and if you dig it... please share the love! 


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