ABDUCTED goes to Tribeca Film Festival!

Around six years ago Ben Joyner came to me with an idea for a short film. I wrote it. Rewrote it a million more times. Shot some fundraising stuff with some actors. Watched it fall apart. Applied for an IndieGrants production grant. Got the grant! Re-Cast! Shot it! Post-productioned the heck out of it! And now, Coronavirus-Permitting, ABDUCTED will be playing at Tribeca 2020!

No movie every happens without a ton of work from a ton of people, and even a short little film like ours takes way more effort than anyone who hasn't done it can imagine.

Way too many people helped out to mention, but aside from the well deserved topline credit owed to Ben, Tucker MacDonald deserves huge props for his Cinematography; Brad Jayne at IndieGrants has been fantastic all the way through, Jacob Kirby did an amazing job on the edit; and of course our cast brought it completely to life. They are: Jenna Kanell, Jesse C. Boyd, Jay DeVon Johnson, and Rebecca Koon.

I'm super-proud of the result of everybody's hard work and excited to be attending the first two screenings (April 17th & April 22nd) in New York City. If you're around town and we're not all dead of a pandemic by then, please drop by and say howdy!


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