This is not a Political Post

This small, multicolored spider has strung its web from my still-up Christmas lights to the ivy growing on the outer wall of my home. Spiders perform a vital service, keeping insect populations down. Even without their humanocentric utilitarian purpose, spiders are beautiful and amazing. I could wax eloquent about spiders all night.

Instead, I will just say that life is precious and you shouldn't just kill it because you're stronger, and can. You should care for life, because it is beautiful and it is all we have. 


  1. Agreed: these elegant arachnids rock. And if one is phobic and would rather not bathe with them, one must politely escort them to the garden using the card-and-glass technique. But God loves the pestiferous too, so spare a thought for the fly.

    1. Sometimes I feel like the whole Meaning of Life, now that I'm grown, is to unlearn my stomp-footed childhood and become a more light-walking dancer.


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