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Just a reminder that my novel "POUNDERS" is still available, still highly-starred on Amazon, still a funny, fun, poignant way to spend a few hours of your life.

But while you're waiting for your copy to arrive in the mail, here are some pictures from my time spent planting hundreds of thousands of trees by hand in the Canadian wilderness (see more below the jump):

Kevin and Paul make a little morning-time music.

Nothing like a box fire to warm your little heart (and possibly torch a forest).

Bagging up more trees before planting off down the mountain.

One tree at a time, we filled this baby up.

Do not buy a used treeplanting truck, people.

In his other life, Marlin (right) teaches high school physics.

A campsite on the drive from BC to Alberta, complete with loons.

Finishing up a block, together.

Box-garbage pile.

Another block-finish day.

Binyam goes ZOOM!

Heather descends a rocky piece of nastiness.

Slash? Sticks? Jesse LAUGHS at slash and sticks. Or cries.

It's me! On a bridge!

It's laundry day in the isolation-camp.

Loading up a quad, when the road's been deactivated.

They'll run in front of you FOREVER if you keep a steady, slow pace.

My office, back in the day.

Mike does an impossible nose-wheelie with a plastic gun he found on the block.

Binyam liked to wear rain gear when it wasn't raining. For the bugs. In the heat.

A game they invented called "Sack of Death."

Un-sticking a vehicle.


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