Josh Barkey: 2016 DOUBLE Nicholl Quarterfinalist (and oh yeah, also DOUBLE Page Contest quarterfinalist, too)

So, yeah.

I just found out that my scripts THE SUICIDE CODE and MARLENE THE DIVINE are Nicholl fellowship quarterfinalistsputting them in the top 357 scripts out of 6,915. In the biggest, most prestigious contest out there (the Nicholl is run by the Academy). Which is nifty.

Those same two scripts are also currently quarterfinalists in the Page Screenwriting Contest.

Both the Page and the Nicholl have relatively early deadlines (compared to a couple other contests I've entered), so the drafts I submitted were pretty early and therefore (in my opinion) pretty sucky. Which is my way of being not-optimistic, so I won't be disappointed.

Still... pretty cool.


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