choosing a love story

  1. There are always a wide variety of possible explanations for another person's actions. This applies to the actions of celebrities as much as it does to your mom, or to gypsies you see sidling (sneaking? dancing?) through the shadows in the park.
  2. You cannot know what's going on in another person's head. You can (and probably sometimes should) try to tell a story to yourself that will explain another person's actions... but you're going to get that story wrong. There will always be factors that you will miss. To believe otherwise is to choose arrogance over wisdom.
  3. If you listen to the voice of wisdom, it will also tell you that the story you choose will affect the person you will becomehow you will live and move through the world, and what you will come to believe about the people who occupy that world. 
  4. As a result, this story will dictate (for all intents and purposes) the sort of world you will actually come to live in.
  5. Therefore... choose the story that fits most comfortably with the best possible world. Be wise and cunning as a fox, yesespecially in situations where it is important for you to make informed decisionsbut also be humbly charitable, remembering that your judgments change you far more than they will ever change those upon whom you pronounce them.
  6. When in doubt... choose doubt. Doubt and its attending humility will lead you on the path of love.


  1. Nothing beats a good love story :)

    - The Smiling Pilgrim


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