Monday, January 25, 2016

GNOMES: a short film by Josh Barkey, Jared Freeman, and friends

Gnomes from Jared on Vimeo.

A year and a half ago my mom started pestering me about acting in one of my films. About that time, my son was going through a Gnome-Phase in which he was, in his own words, "really into gnomes." He was also super-curious about themwondering if they really existed in real life for reals.

I, being a good parent and not a destroyer of worlds, told him that although I had never personally seen a gnome and although the general scientific consensus was that they weren't real... it is quite possible that they are real, just very, very good at hiding.

So I wrote this short film.

At first I was just going to shoot it with my T2i and knock it together (badly) in Windows Movie Maker. But then I showed the script to my friend Jared Freeman, who I'd met when he'd helped out as a production assistant on a short film I wrote called LOCKER 212. Jared loved the script and didn't want to let me butcher the story with my no-money, no-skills approach. So he threw together a couple of friends and a few resources, and we made GNOMES.

My son played the Gnome-believing kid. He did it while sick with a pretty-bad fever, soldiering on through bouts of medicine just potent enough to keep the fever manageable without putting him to sleep. I offered to find another kid to play the part, but he'd been looking forward to it for a long time, and insisted on making a go of it. I am super-duper amazingly proud of his courage and his dedication to the project.

My mom, dad and I played the adults.
  • Jared Freeman co-directed with me, and was the Director of Photography. 
  • My friend Christopher John (formerly of the rock band Stabilo) composed the score.
  • Sam Thomas was our Producer.
  • Parker McKinley edited the film.
  • Kevin Strahm did a fantastic job with sound designall sound was created in post.
  • Derek Donovan was our first Assistant Cameraman.
  • Jacob Kirby was our colorist.
  • Stewart Minges was our Key Grip.
This film was a complete labor of love, beginning to end. We're releasing it online today in hope that you'll enjoy it, and share it with your friends.

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