Darth Vader on the Toilet

Oh look, a sadly-neglected website.

Wait... that's my website!

Listen, you judgy-pants, to my excuses:
  1. Nobody's bought one of my screenplays yet, so I've been doing a lot of construction work the past few weeks and it's taken a lot out of me so I've had to put what very little excess energy I have toward the writing that matters the most to me, which is not, sadly, this blog.
Okay. So that was only one excuse. But it was a good one. 

As a consolation prize (and in case you've ever wanted to see Darth Vader on the toilet), here are a couple of Star Wars Drawings my just-now-eight-year-old did to commemorate the massive amount of global Star Warsing that's currently going on. Enjoy.


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