"we gotta make democracy safe for the world"

In retrospect, that last bit I wrote on here was garbled non-sequiturialness, so I think I'll re-institute the sanity by posting a quote from the "IMPOLLUTABLE POGO," by Walt Kelly. 

This is the foreword of the book, entitled, "AN EARLY FINAL THOUGHT."

"...The personal hummock in our common swamp is frail. The tough mind is very often an attempt to retain the property of self. If we identify with possessions and powers that are transient, how is it possible to scoff at the youth, who for at least this one young, blinding moment, realizes that these are not the things he yearns for?
    We old grumps will remember that one of the drives of our youth was to 'Make the world safe for democracy.' Now, as goblins loom on every side, we are with George Washington. We cannot tell a lie. Youth looks at the Big Bomb, Big Government, Big Labor, Big Crime, Big Britches, and we must admit with him, in the words of a Pogo character, 'We gotta make democracy safe for the world.'"


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