Our film has a cast!

Well now then. 

In less than a week, my first-to-be-produced feature film is going to start getting produceticated, and I don't know whether I'm freaked out, or happy, or in complete emotional denial. 

I'm certainly not blogging on here, or writing much of anything other than emails, emails, and more emails, in between trips to dumpsters to get used cardboard for the production (fun fact: employees of big box stores maybe sometimes throw stuff out all wrapped up nicely, so they can come get it later. Thanks for the brand-new comforter set, disgruntled-and-ethically-challenged employee-person). 

The point! The point!

The point is that I wanted to show you our super-amazing cast, on account of they're amazing. You can learn more about them over at www.pinkthefilm.com - but here you go...

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