presenting... TWO FOR TEA

The first time I watched the completed short film TWO FOR TEA I was by myself, at night, in my little North Carolina shed-home. I turned it on, it played for 7-ish minutes, and then it ended.

And I thought to myself: "What sort of disturbed psychopath wrote this thing?"

Then I remembered that although TWO FOR TEA is relentlessly dark, gothicky, and bereft of laughter or happy-feely resolution, I did in fact have a reason for writing it that way.

See, I hate violence of any kind. Hate, hate, hate it.

I don't really understand it, either, so I decided that I would try to understand it a little better by writing something that explored the only situation in which I can conceive of hurting another human being—if they were threatening physical violence to someone I love. 

Scribble, scribble, scribble. Word, word, word, and presto-bango... TWO FOR TEA!

While I am vehemently (I would almost say violently) against violence of any kind (and most definitely against violence against officers of the law), I am actually immensely pleased with what director Ben Joyner and his crew managed to accomplish with the film. As dark, ugly, and inadvisable as the events depicted are, they nonetheless feel real. They engage my attention and my emotions, and leave me feeling different than I did at the start. 

So without further ado [and with a strong advisory against watching this with your children] I present to you the short film, TWO FOR TEA...

Two for Tea from Benjamin Joyner on Vimeo.

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