Jesus Christ and the Case of the Counter-intuitive Kindness

Some of the folks who read this blog have an (understandable) knee-jerk reaction to any kind of "Jesus-talk." I appreciate their tolerance of my occasional forays into that territory, and their good-faith assumption that I'm not gonna try to sneak up and Bible-bash them.

But every once in a while I beg their indulgence and share something a bit more overtly Jesus-yif only to explain to the more jaded-on-religion among us why it is that I'm still so hip to that Jesus cat (even if I, too, am a fair bit jaded-on-religion, as such).

This is one of those times.

I swear, though. Unless you're super-duper pissed-off about anything even remotely church-sounding, you might actually enjoy this little video from Dr. Richard Beck, an experimental psychologist who also happens to write a just-for-fun blog about theology.

Here 'tis...

Richard Beck: The Moral Circle from NPM GroupLeaders on Vimeo.


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