my first New Year's resolution...

There should be some principled reason for why I've never made a New Year's resolution before, but I can't think of it. Perhaps the arbitrariness of doing it on that particular day annoys me. Or maybe it's my stance in promises (I think they should be kept). Don't get me wrong... I do like the idea of setting goals. Good goals (measurable, attainable) are like little outlines for the better story I'd like to tell with my life. It's just that the first day of the year has somehow never found me in a goal-setting mood.

But there's this website, see.

This whole "Josh-Barkey-dot-com" thing I've been trying to do regularly for the past, oh, ten or twelve years.

Trying... and failing.

So I've decided that instead of waiting for blogspiration to strike, for the 2015 year I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I'm posting something on here every single day. This means that my posts will inevitably be shorter and more diarrhetic (which obviously means "more likened unto a diary"), but that's okay.

Quantity over quality, right?

Bookmark this page, and I'll see you tomorrow.
Three-hundred-and-sixty-four posts to go, baby.

- - -

post script: You know what your resolution should be? To support the Arts by going to my Amazon Author Page and picking up one of my books.


  1. Quantity over quality? Totally good idea, go for it! I think you won't screw up too much ...:)

    1. Yeah... way too much excellence on the internet. Gotta do my part to help lower the bar ;-)


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