The Art of Josh Barkey

I recently knocked together a collection of my paintings and drawings that you can pick up for only $10.99 at THIS CREATESPACE ADDRESS.

Here are a some sample-pages:

And here's what somebody said about it on the Amazon page:

"Great little book of delightful, witty, and profound art, along with the author's commentary. Barkey invites us into his mind and his art creation process. Reflections on technology and on human apathy towards suffering and beauty. Glimpses of faith as well. He says he has turned his creative energies from visual art towards writing, but I wish he'd do more visual art at some point. I love the way he thinks through images. And he's very gifted in painting and drawing. His 'Naive' (Evian spelled backwards), a rendition of Velazquez's 'The Water Carrier of Seville' replacing the water glass with a plastic bottle of Evian as a philosophical footnote on the toxicity of our time, is every bit as good as the original! Lots of fun, and a quick read/perusal."

Support a not-quite-yet-starving artist! And share it on your social internets! Pretty please!


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