busy, busy

It's not that I'm neglecting you, my dear, sweet, succulent little bloggerinos. It's just that I... well, okay. Fine. I'm neglecting you. My last real post was nearly a week ago, and I have almost zero intention of writing much of anything else for a little while.

See, I currently have this picture book I'm trying to put together with all my paintings in it, and a novel I'm trying to finish up and get on Amazon, and a third novel I'm editing, and a feature film script I'm rewriting, and a short film I'm putting off writing, and a script I'm supposed to be reviewing, and cetera, and cetera, and cetera.

The days are becoming shorter, and although I swear I shan't wait until they start expanding (when is that... spring?), neither shall I apologize.

It's neglect, yes. But never doubt that hold you in the absolute highest regard.

We'll meet again.


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