Plastic. Hate it. Here's why.

I know plastic is responsible for all sorts of awesomeness - like that I get to instantaneously send you this word-arrangement - but the fact remains that I hate plastic with a bloody, purple passion.

And you know what? I don't feel there's a logical disconnect, there. Or if there is, I think it's the sort of disconnect that ought to be embraced. Because who wants to be totally logical all the time? Even Spock wasn't cool with it. And he had pretty much a free pass, what with all that half-Vulcan stuff, and... wait, what was that? Off-topic Star-Trek nerdliness getting on your nerves?

Fine. Whatever.
You judgy, judgy jerk.

Plastic. Hate it. Here's why:

It's a plastic world - English from It's a plastic world on Vimeo.


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