how utterly PATRONIZING of you


In case you missed the bit at the end of yesterday's post, I've decided to give y'all the option of making fertilizer donations for the roses of my success.

I'll never put advertisements on this website, and I'll try not to bug you (too much) about this again, but in the words of our Dear Leader, "Uhhh-Lllet me be clear" that while all this writing I do is a labor of love, it is still labor.

If that labor has value to you, then feel absolutely free to reach that sweaty little hand of yours into your pocket for some loose change.

Here's what your money will buy (see sidebar, or below) -->

  • For $2 I will mention your name in a post, possibly facetiously.
  • For $10 You pick what I write about, but maybe I just make fun of your idea.
  • For $40 It's your topic, with all the awesomeness I can muster.
  • For $100 I write on your topic, AND create an original illustration.
  • For $200 Your topic gets an Illustration, AND an embarrassing picture of me.
  • For $400 You name the protagonist and theme for a short story, written in your honor and posted here for all to see.

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your friends' enemies' friends!



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