6 Daily Steps to Your Maximum-Utmost Life

1. Make a lot of money, buy a lot of stuff.

Wait, no. That's not it. Now, where was that list?

Got it.

6 Daily Steps to Your Maximum-Utmost Life:
  1. Wake up. Be grateful for what you have that's good. Express that gratitude. Out loud. To the appropriate good-things-givers (Note to Atheists: you might be kinda screwed, here. But I'll accept your gratitude by proxy, if you feel that'll work. I take checks and money orders).
  2. Figure out what you don't have that you want (and actually need). 
  3. If there's something you don't have but want (and actually need), then make one decision and take one action to move toward getting it - assuming it's possible. If it's not, you gotta let that go.
  4. Open your eyes to what someone else wants and needs that you can help with, and then make one decision and take one action to move toward giving it to them.
  5. Eat some good food with someone you love.
  6. Do a little dance, make a little love. Get down tonight.
That's it, I guess. Follow that, and you're pretty much set. 

Easy, right? I mean, there are a few little minor details you'll have to iron out along the way, but some of them'll probably overlap, which will make it easier.

Bonne chance!

- - -

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