Gimme the cash!

That there up above is a painting I once painted, back when I was a painter. It's called "La Prueba," and it's a test to determine whether you see a giant egg, or a tiny elephant. A test which will tell you basically everything you need to know about yourself, including whether or not you'll die at the age of thirty-three in a freak gasoline-fight accident.

Oh, what - a point?
You want a point?

Well, the point is that I'm a visual guy, and I like the beauty of images. I like - nay, LOVE - the way they can say so much, without bothering to quantify or explain it. I love the way they can suggest without dissecting - explore but not explain.

So, one of the things that's fun for me about moving more into screenwriting is that it's such a visual medium. Even though I'm slopping around words now, instead of paint, I still get to interact with visual artists on a regular basis.

One visual artist I've recently "met" online is Ryan C. Glover, a Canadian cinematographer I contacted to gauge his interest in my set-in-Canada treeplanting script, POUNDERS. He read it and dug it and thought it would be fun to shoot (so now all I need is an interested director and maybe about eight million shamoolies - any takers?), which I thought was pretty nifty given that Ryan C. Glover is one talented cat.

I mean, seriously - check out this dude's reel:

RYAN GLOVER cinematography reel from Ryan Glover on Vimeo.

Am I right or am I freakin' right?

So. About that eight mil...


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