Hug Hitler!

It is telling the number of people who, when asked what they would do with a time machine, will answer, "Go back and kill Hitler when he was young!"

Some of us may debate the morality of this, but for the most part we just nod our heads and go on our way, without giving it a second thought--as thought it weren't a cataclysmic thing to talk about ending a human life.

But no one ever says they'd go back and spend a few years loving a young Hitler. Or encouraging him in his painting. Or being his friend, and making sure he's taking his bipolar meds. Because, given the choice, humans will always choose the more dramatic, less demanding option.

We love to argue about ethics and morality, but that's not usually how we make our choices. We make our choices based on what's easiest in the moment, what costs us the least, and what brings us the most pleasure.

And by we, I mean me.

And you, I guess.


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