the Halloween Bunny

The week before Halloween, my son decided my lazy-loser tendencies regarding holidays had to go, so we spent an hour or two decorating. First, we went outside and collected leaves, acorns, and sticks. Then he arranged them on the windowsills and taped them to the walls inside the house.

He also instructed me to draw things -- things like the Halloween Bunny, which he proceeded to describe in great detail. So I drew said bunny on the inside of a discarded cereal box, cut it out, handed it over, and PRESTO-BANGO, we had ourselves another piece of Halloween spirit.

This morning I noticed that the Halloween Bunny was still there. I decided to take its picture and share it with you, because (let's face it) you've been a bit down, lately, and I thought it might put a bit of bounce in your step. You're welcome.


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