My Top-Ten Favorite 2013 Films

First off, let me just say that this is not a Best-Of list. I think such lists are silly, as is the Awards Circuit and all that goes with it (Although I suppose we do have to try to honor the best -- and I'll absolutely accept that Oscar, Mr. Spielberg).

These are just the films I liked most, and experienced most powerfully as works of art. The list includes a few for which I've only read the scripts. Here we go, a-la-Letterman:

10. Upstream Color
9. Enough Said
8. The Spectacular Now
7. The Way, Way Back
6. Before Midnight
5. Mud
4. Fruitvale Station
3. The Place Beyond the Pines
2. Philomena
1. Short Term 12

- - -

*Note: To forestall any annoyed comments about the exclusion of 12 YEARS A SLAVE... I haven't watched it. I started to read the script, but it hurt my heart too much, so I stopped.


  1. You _must_ see HER. If you have seen it, and it's not in your top 10, I have no idea how.

    1. Seen it. Quite enjoyed it. Not in my top ten because not all hominids are exactly the same. Which is fortunate.


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