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"That's part of the story of love -- the failure of curiosity, and the desperate need to remain curious about those who've done us the favor of being with us."

"Sentimentality is an attachment to the good that refuses to countenance the bad. But an adult engagement with prettiness of course recognizes that it is an exception and an island in an otherwise dark world, and that 's why it gains value. So don't be embarrassed of pretty flowers and water lilies. That's what art can do. Art restores hope, and prettiness is an essential part of its mission."

"Another thing that art does is remind us that we are not alone in suffering."

Those are quotes from a talk by Alain de Botton called "Art as Therapy." There are elements in his talk that'll probably annoy my more conservative, christian readers, but I encourage you (if that's you) to watch this video anyway, with an open mind and heart.


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