Disney's Latest Masterpiece (probably)

Want your kids (or your friends' kids) to know what real love is all about? Well, load up the minivan this weekend, head to the theater, and give FROZEN the kind of success it deserves.

The theatrical longevity of a movie has a lot to do with opening-week performance, and I'd like this one to come out on top. There are just too many kids' movies out there that teach whacked-out lessons about fairy-tale romance.

This movie provides an antidote.

I read the script a couple days ago (Disney's released it online HERE), and thought it was a great answer to the traditional romantic-movie nonsense that turns us all into starry-eyed idiots who put immediate emotional response ahead of anything else. Perhaps this is because this particular film is written by a woman. I don't know. I haven't seen it, and the trailer didn't exactly wow me. But the critics who have seen it are loving it, and I'm guessing you will, too.


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