If I used this websites to write updates, I'd call them "Bupdates," which would be short for "Barkey Updates" and would chronicle my meteoric rise from sorta-fired-but-sorta-quit-High-School-Art-Teacher (Oh Captain, my Captain!) to Fully-Funded Scribe of Major Motion Pictures.

But since everybody's life is far too fascinating to obsess about anyone else's, and since my rise is anything but meteoric, and since the word "Bupdate" sounds incredibly stupid, I just won't.

I won't tell you that I've decided to polish to a high scheine (which is fake-German for "sheen") my three most recentest film scripts (namely: POUNDERS, FOUNDER, and PINK), and then I'm going to seriously re-think my life.

That's right, folks. My life. That endlessly fascinating string of momentous pearls that is called "Josh Barkey: Minutely Observed." That phantasmagorical succession of endlessly fractional seconds that makes up this Head-Smashed-In Buffalo-Jump of a Corporeal Nuisance I call "me."


Has anyone seen my mind, anywhere? How about my marbles? My grip?

Every day another day, another several hours of trying really hard to believe that I'm just enough less self-deluded than the vast majority to actually pull this off. It's an act of faith. An act of imagination. An act of cinematic irreverence.

It's a movie, I say! It's a movie!

Eclectic Method - It's A Movie from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.


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