The Most Annoying Thing About Humans:

You know what's the most annoying thing about humans?

It's the way they've always gotta be right all the time. Seriously. One human will be all, "This is the rightest, because I said so," and then the other human will go, "No it's not, because I said so." And then a third human will come along and say, "You're both wrong, because 'Merica" which point the first two will band together, beat the crap out of the third guy, and then go get plastered to celebrate the fact that they were right, because they won.

This ALWAYS happens. 

It accounts for most of the wars, almost all playground fights, Congress, and one hundred percent of the obnoxious human behavior we call the internets.

Let's take this website, for example.

The way to build a popular blog is to write something that shows how another human (or better yet, another group of humans) is idiotic. This will attract a bunch of internet-humans who were already inclined to say how idiotic that target-idiot is, and pretty soon all the internet-humans everywhere are divided up into groups of better-than-those-guys humans, engaging in one big explosion of Confirmation Bias, all over each others faces.

This blog doesn't do that so much.

Which explains why (despite all the artistry and wonder and beauty I bring to the internets on a semi-daily basis) I am not currently vying with Wikipedia for the position of fifth most popular website in the universe. It doesn't, of course, have anything to do with the fact that this is a weird, inconsistent, eclectic internet place that offers little that's particularly broad-ranging in its appeal.

No, it's because I'm not mean enough, and I don't seek to vilify out-groups.

Because I'm better than that. I would never sink so low, because my way is right, and all those other idiots out there can just... um... uh...



  1. Well put !

    I remember the joy I found when I realized that the center of my philosophical web needs to be ignorance -- my own. Relaxing into ignorance, ordinariness and my own limitations was so very freeing.

    You conclusion put a smile on my face.

    1. Thanks, Sabio. Yeah -- Everywhere I look... there I am!


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