LOCKER 212: first cut is the freakiest

They say you never love anything as much as the dailies, nor hate anything as much as the first cut.* Which is why, I suppose, I was expecting a soul-crushingly painful experience when I watched the first cut of LOCKER 212 a couple days ago.

As the writer/producer, I'd been intimately involved throughout the whole process. But the end result was in the hands of Matt-the-Director, and it's not always easy to let that go.

Let go I did, though, and I'm happy to announce that I've watched the first cut multiple times, and it's been great. Sure, there are some tweaks that need to happen beyond the usual color-correction and sound-design, but despite the roughness of it, I didn't just like it, I felt it. And that, my friends, is just about the best I could have hoped for.

So kudos to Matt, the crew, and our marvelous cast (Jacob Leinbach, Matt Mitchell, and Nick Searcy). Let's tweak this baby into some festival magic!

*At least, my filmbuddy Aaron says that. And he knows stuff.


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