get your FREE Immortality: Sept. 13 - Sept. 15

If you haven't picked up a copy of my book IMMORTALITY (and other short stories), I'm giving it away on Kindle from today (Sept. 13) to Sunday (Sept. 15). 

Just click the link and “buy” the book for FREE $0.00 on Kindle to read when you have time. No Kindle, no worries. You can get the free Kindle App for your computer, smart phone, or tablet/pad.
You can support my efforts as an indie author by downloading this freebie, passing the word to friends, and posting the announcement on your social media sites. This is how lesser-known authors gain visibility for their books and compete on even turf with famous authors who have giant advertising budgets. 

If you want to help spread the word, please paste the following (or similar) into your social medias:

Josh's spectacular book IMMORTALITY is FREE Sept.13-15       Please RT!

Josh Barkey is giving away his lovely book IMMORTALITY (and other short stories) on Amazon (kindle only) from Sept. 13-15. Pick up your FREE copy today!

Thank you so much for helping me share the love!


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