Wisdom from Stephen King

" ...The father of sin was theft; every one of the Ten Commandments boiled down to 'Thou shalt not steal.' Murder was the theft of a life, adultery the theft of a wife, covetousness the secret, slinking theft that took place in the cave of the heart. Blasphemy was the theft of God's name, swiped from the House of the Lord and sent out to walk the streets like a strutting whore...
     The mother of sin was pride.
     Pride was the female side of Satan in the human race, the quiet egg of sin, always fertile. Pride had kept Moses out of Canaan, where the grapes were so big the men had to carry them in slings. Who brought the water from the rock when we were thirst? the Children of Israel asked, and Moses had answered, I did it."

     -- from his novel, "The Stand."


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