My son's obsessed with legos, and movies, and lego movies -- spending long hours every day making little lego worlds and telling little lego stories to himself, or anyone who'll listen. Which is... completely unsurprising. I mean, when your dad spends his days writing movies, it's a no-brainer that you'll develop a storytelling bent yourself, right...?

Still, I sometimes wonder how much is just "monkey see, monkey do." How much is genetic, and how much is my son, being his awesome-bad self. And when I wonder about this, the conclusion I come to is... who cares?

I'd have been willing to grit my teeth and cart him around to endless sporting events, or math-a-thons, or whatever... but if, when I'm full-time in film (See what I did, there?), I get the opportunity to work on projects with my son...? Well, I ain'tent gonna be complainin' one bit.

Robbers Try Again from josh barkey on Vimeo.


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