It's a SmAu4 world, after all.

Once upon a time I lived in Canada and made friends with a guy who's sister I eventually dated, which isn't relevant except that whilst I was dating her we hung out with this girl (who the guy eventually married), who came from a very musical family.

Her cousin was the absolutely maniacally-gifted percussionist Nathan Wylie, who was drummer for the band Stabilo, which became my absolute favoritest musical group, perhaps especially because I became somewhat-besties with lead singers Jesse Dryfhout and Christopher John (Moerman), and ended up living with The Moermans for extended periods of time and hiring Chris's little brother Jordan to work with me for a few summers on my treeplanting crews.

So anyway, my ex-girlfriend's brother's girlfriend eventually became his wife, and through her or maybe Christopher John I found out that her brother (with whom I later did a one-day stint as an extra on an extremely forgettable Canadian soap opera-ish TV show) and her cousin Nathan were in a musical group called Au4.

A group that straight-up rocked, in a trancey sort of way.

I then moved to 'Merica, started teaching high school art, and played that rockin' music to my classes sometimes, to keep them straight-up trancin' whilst they painted. Some of them loved it so much that they became hard-core fans, and this morning on Facebook, one of them tagged me in a post about a new(ish) Au4 album, presented below for your listening pleasure.

It's a small world, after all. A world that goes 'round, I'm told, because of music.

So, yeah. Listen. Enjoy, then go to their website and buy the album. Support the turning of the spheres.


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