After my computer died a horrible, choking death last week, my computer-buddy (you've got your computer buddy, right?) managed to revive it to a sort of hacking, emphesemal semblance of its former self.

It's running at quarter-steam now (you've got your steam-powered computer, right?) with a few bells and whistles not-functioning, but with enough oomph that I can now roll my way through a quick post.

Having had all this time, however, I can't think of anything important enough that I wanna dwell on it.

So instead, I'm going to post this picture of some cute kids I know playing with a turtle I know, and hope that something someone says in the next few days annoys or inspires me enough to set aside my current screenplay (time-travel! adventure! violence! mayhem! the meaning of life!) and bang out another blog post.



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