LOCKER 212 gets funded -- HUZZAH!

With about two-and-a-half days left in our kickstarter campaign, we reached our goal of $14,000. Which means... LOCKER 212's gonna happen!!

We still have some time left, though, and the truth is that 14K was a bare-bones, sell-a-kidney kind of budget for what we're trying to do, here.

So... we are setting an "unofficial" goal of $16,500 in total pledges by the end of this campaign. Can we reach it? Well, if all our pledges from the previous campaign-attempt come in and we bring in a few new ones... absolutely.

And every new dollar pledged will help to make this a better little film.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your support, thus far. Spread the word... LOCKER 212 is getting made! If you pledge, you will receive your reward! Boo-yah!

NOTE: If you are uncomfortable with using kickstarter's system, it actually works better for us financially (now that we've reached our goal) if you would like to bypass the kickstarter system and contribute directly (all rewards still apply). If that's you, then please email director Matt Nunn at



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