the surprising Truth about LOCKER 212

The word-arrangements on this website are a product, made in the factory of my brain and shipped out through my fingers to you, the consumer. Sometimes, it comes with illustrations.

Although this product is free, I am still a salesmen, trying to use these word-arrangements to move you -- to get you to buy into my ideas. I try really, really hard not to feel bad about this, because I actually do believe in my product. And I also think this film project I've been hawking on here -- LOCKER 212 -- is worth your time and effort.

But it's still dispiriting. 

It's dispiriting to get hundreds of facebook "likes" and only a few (hugely appreciated) actual pledges. It makes me wonder if I'm just annoying you with this stuff.

But my old college pal, Trevor, recommended I read a book called "To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others," by Daniel H. Pink. I just finished it today, and it led me to wonder if perhaps this self-doubt of mine is doing both me and you a disservice. You don't have to be part of my campaign to get this film made, after all. But dodge gambit, I really do think you'll benefit from doing so.

So I'm gonna take a page (or several) from his book and give you the pitch on why I think you should leave this blog RIGHT NOW, head over to Our Kickstarter Page, and make a pledge.

Pink's Pitches:
  1. The One Word Pitch: Change.
  2. The Question Pitch: What if there were a creative, artistic way to fight back against bullying and violence in our schools?
  3. The Twitter Pitch: The best way to fight bullying & violence is to tell a story. LOCKER 212 is such a story. Join us.
  4. The Rhyming Pitch: Don't be a talker... make a pledge to the LOCKER.
  5. The Pixar Pitch: Once upon a time, we all lived in a world where kids did not feel safe in school. Every day, their parents would send them off to classes and try not to think about the cruelty and violence that had come to be a part of their educational experience. One day, somebody made a short film that encouraged people to open their eyes to the hurting people all around them. Because of that, they decided they'd had enough of waiting around for some authority figure to solve the problem. Because of that, they started to reach out in love not just to the bullied kids of the world, but to the bullies, as well. Until finally, the hurting people of the world all had someone to love them, and schools became safer than they had ever been before.
There you have it.

I've been giving you the product of this website for years, and you've given me your time. Thank you. I'm asking that you now take it a step further, and make a pledge to the LOCKER 212 Kickstarter campaign. There are rewards, sure, but I know you don't pledge money to kickstarter campaigns because you want some piffling reward. No, you want to be part of something that matters. And this matters. 

So please, pledge.

Every pledge helps build momentum. Your "likes" and "shares" are awesome and appreciated, but if you don't start putting your money where your mouse is, this sweet little love-child of mine is never going to be born.


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