LOCKER 212 snags ENDER'S GAME actor for lead role!

I'm thrilled to announce that we've landed Jacob Leinbach  for one of the lead roles in my short film, LOCKER 212. Jacob's a talented young actor, with roles in the hit TV show HOMELAND, and this summer's upcoming blockbuster, ENDER'S GAME.

He's more than just a gifted artist, though. He's also a young man with a passion to tell this story well. In his own words:

Without your pledges to our kickstarter campaign, it's going to be very difficult to make this film with the degree of professionalism that's likely to get us into the bigger festivals and propel the film to a broader audience.

Matt-the-Director and I have been investing countless hours and a fair bit of our own money into this fully non-commercial venture. Why? Because we believe in it. So this is me, begging you to go CHECK OUT THE KICKSTARTER PAGE, and join our storytelling venture, today.

If all you can pledge is a buck, I'll be happy. We need more people to be invested in this project. We need your help to make this story a reality.


  1. I want to make a (sadly, small) pledge, but would rather not use the Amazon payment system. Can't you provide another method?

    1. As long as we're using Kickstarter, we're bound by their payment method. Sorry :(

  2. Hi Josh, I know you feel faintly soiled by the fundraising process, but I just wanted to give a little feedback on things that would have made it easier for me to pledge sooner. An explanation of what kickstarter is, how it works, when you pay up, and some of those details earlier on... I somehow imagined it would be via PayPal, I didn't know it was via Amazon (which is much easier for me to use than PayPal). A breakdown of different pledge levels and what they imply, like what's on the Kickstarter page, but on your blog, would have been helpful too. I had no idea what the range of possible pledges was, but seeing a breakdown of how many pledges at each level of commitment are necessary was helpful (I would have pledged earlier I think had I been able to see this on your blog instead of having to click through to Kickstarter, which to me felt like it implied more of a commitment than I was ready to make...) Again I know that fundraising is it's own specialized industry (having worked in the nonprofit sector for years), and that it feels antithetical to Art; however, if you're going to go this route it might not hurt to take a look at strategies used by pledge-driven nonprofits (NPR comes to mind) and see if you can't borrow some techniques.

    I say all this with love. I have no idea if my pledge will make a difference or not... and I know conceptually that it's the accumulation that does it, anyway... but I do hope you can get your film made. I know it means a lot to you. Buena suerte.


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