Friends, Romulans, Internets -- lend me your protruberant ears: I'm happy to inform you that we are in pre-production on a short film I wrote called LOCKER 212, which tells the story of a high school bully who gets his wallflower-victim caught up in a pot-smoking "sting."

It's an exploration of how making real, human connections with our most lost and hurting kids can help us alleviate the bullying and gun violence that have plagued our schools. LOCKER 212 is a story that I believe has the chance to really impact the conversation for the better -- to help shift it away from all the inflated political rhetoric and bring it down to the personal level, where each of us can make a difference.

We'll be shooting in mid-July and are currently at the "scouting locations and seeking out talent" stage, but I thought that as my nearest and dearest imaginary, diaphanous internet-friends, you'd appreciate the early heads up.

We've got a great team, headed up by the talented local director, Matt Nunn, and I'm excited about the possibilities. We may be running a Kickstarter Campaign at some point to raise funds, so please be thinking if this is the sort of project you'd like to help come to fruition. 

Keep your eels peered for updates as we go along!


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